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iNovex Awarded Top Workplace for 7th Consecutive Year



Columbia, Maryland – December 12, 2023 —  iNovex, a leader in innovative IT solutions, proudly announces its remarkable achievement of being ranked 4th in the Top Workplaces 2023 list for mid-sized companies out of 38 businesses. This prestigious recognition, awarded for the seventh consecutive year, highlights iNovex’s steadfast commitment to fostering an outstanding work environment. The Top Workplaces 2023 list, determined entirely by employee feedback, assesses companies based on essential culture drivers, including alignment, execution, and connection. 

This year’s high ranking is a testament to iNovex’s dedication to nurturing a balanced work-life for its employees, providing them with the necessary resources to thrive professionally. The company prides itself on creating an atmosphere where innovation, growth, and work satisfaction go hand in hand. 

At iNovex, we understand that our employees are our greatest asset. That’s why we continuously enhance our benefits and support to our workforce, ensuring our team has everything they need for both personal and professional growth. Our focus extends beyond standard perks to include comprehensive health and wellness programs, continuous learning opportunities, and a supportive, inclusive work culture. 

Matt Ford, COO of iNovex, attributes this award to the company’s dedication to a culture-forward workplace. “Our culture is everything,” Matt explains. ” It’s the difference between a workplace you just survive to get to the weekend, and one where you can thrive. Our culture is the collective investment of time, energy, expertise, and collaboration from every single person at iNovex.” 

This award comes at a time when iNovex is actively integrating with the three companies it has acquired over the past year. Chief People Officer Amy Orzechowski shares what this award means to a company undergoing growth and change, stating “Securing a Top Workplace Award while merging four exceptional companies underscores iNovex’s unwavering commitment to actively listening to our employees and prioritizing their best interests in every decision.” 

The reason employees love working at iNovex is clear. It’s a place where their voices are heard, their work is meaningful, and their well-being is a top priority. The company’s dynamic approach to employee engagement and its commitment to innovation and excellence make iNovex not just a workplace, but a community. 

For more information about iNovex and career opportunities, visit https://inovexcorp.com/ 

To view the full list of Baltimore Sun Top Workplaces for 2023, please click here. 


About iNovex 

 Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Columbia, MD, iNovex provides software development focused on cybersecurity, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), data analysis, and robotic process automation to solve our customers’ toughest mission challenges in the federal government and commercial sectors.   




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