What We Do

Simply put, we innovate to create solutions. iNovex nurtures creation and innovation specializing in comprehensive, customer-focused technical solutions development for the toughest challenges. The key to building the right solution is simple – iNovex focuses on and gets to know our customer and their mission. Whether the customer is across the Department of Defense, a Civilian Agency, Financial Services, Life Sciences, or Energy; that customer and mission intimacy makes all the difference.

Let’s Try Something Less Risky.

Compliance + Security Automation

We reduce legal and operational risk by building inherently compliant and secure solutions. Our solutions automate regulatory, security, and privacy compliance while regulating need-to-know information. We develop the complex (and we mean complex) logic and algorithms to deliver systems with access control based foundations. All this to ensure (+ enforce) compliance traceability by tracking and displaying cross-dimensional attributes for compliance insight.

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Capabilities Built in the Real World.

By the way – we’ve done this stuff across more than 7 DoD prime contracts, 17 Innovation and R&D contracts, and 6 Fortune 500 contracts. Over the past 15 years, iNovex has grown our capabilities on a mission-based foundation and delivered solutions at mission speed.

So you’ve got a bunch of data from different places, now what? Start Digging.

Augmented Data Analytics

We dig into your data challenges and priorities to build the right solution – and it starts with creating a bit of structure. Our Augmented Data Analytics gets your data into a common vocabulary. This enables distributed teams of domain and mission experts to collaborate, understand, extract insights, and consume their disparate data. This data fabric ultimately helps customers to understand and determine the operational relevance and value of their data.

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In addition to our work creating + implementing Augmented Data Analytics, we’ve developed the open Mobi graph data platform. Mobi organizes, classifies, and curates data across enterprise systems – giving structure to unstructured data sets and a common data vocabulary. Interoperability is everything with data and iNovex has developed interoperable data solutions for Pharmaceutical companies, the DoD, and Fortune 500 Life Science Industry leaders.

Making Decisions for Complex Organizations is Hard.

Mission Management

iNovex works with the customer, their mission, and their organizational landscape to bring sense-making for understanding. You have to navigate your data fabric and sources to discover information and ultimately understand your operational gaps. Sometimes your gaps, aren’t actually gaps, but overlaps with redundant systems and capabilities. Modernization of systems through Mission Management reduces that duplication and creates reusable and scalable approaches. Our “what we need drives what we do” approach delivers the proactive decision making capability for your organization, improving your operational effectiveness.

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CMMI Level 3

iNovex has been independently appraised at CMMI Level 3 for both Services and Development. This appraisal is enterprise-wide and brings consistency, efficiency, and continual process improvements to the forefront of everything we do.

Employee-Led Technology + Innovation Councils

At our core, we are innovators. That’s why iNovex has maintained employee-led Tech + Innovation Councils that lead our investments toward in-house immersive technical training, our research + development lab, and rapid prototyping capabilities.


iNovex has been independently certified as having an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. This certification was only obtained because of a culture of quality execution at iNovex. Better management and execution produce better outcomes, and our ISO-certified processes help drive consistent and measured, excellent outcomes for our customers.

Let’s Protect Our Turf.

Cybersecurity + CNO

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We help defend and protect critical infrastructure from internal and external threats. Cybersecurity starts from the bottom-up by always integrating security as a part of the technical baseline. Then hardening and protecting systems by filling in gaps and eliminating potential attack vectors. All of which needs to be optimized for mission-speed. iNovex analyzes, recommends, and implements innovations to enhance cyber network operations.


No Shotgun Approaches Here.

Enterprise IT Services

iNovex provides customer-focused full-tiered support for robust infrastructure, systems, and solutions at a global scale. We listen from the start to our customer to transform their needs into requirements that are rooted in their mission. Then it is all about precision implementation – we evaluate, update, test, and deploy IT Infrastructure based on best practices, ISO-certified quality processes, and an innovation mindset. Tying the whole enterprise picture together means looking past the system to consider policies, compliance regulations, and ultimately the users of any solution.

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