Compliance + Security Automation

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Global scale and Mission speed enterprises must stay ahead of the growing number of regulatory and legal compliance requirements to protect their sensitive data. This need is ever-present and scaling exponentially in complexity as more and more data is aggregated and stored. 

iNovex delivers the operational success at the foundation by developing inherently compliant and secure automated solutions.

Reduce Your Legal + Operational Risk

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With AI and Machine Learning, our solutions automate regulatory, security, and privacy compliance at mission speed.

Regulate Who Needs-To-Know What

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We develop the complex (and we mean complex) logic and algorithms to deliver systems with access control-based foundations – ensuring that the right person can see the right data.

Full Compliance Traceability Is A Must

EnFORCING Full COMpliance
All this to ensure (& enforce) full compliance traceability by tracking and displaying cross-dimensional attributes for compliance insight.
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Let us design and implement a compliance framework that ensures your operations are compliant now and in the future.

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