Hey, We’re iNovex.

Nice to Meet You

iNovex is a community of innovators that work together to solve hard problems. We partner with you to meet problems head-on and push boundaries with technology solutions. We build comprehensive and intuitive technical government and commercial solutions. 

The Government Side

Across more than 20 prime contracts, iNovex is a premiere innovator for the Federal Government and Department of Defense. We have brought Full-Stack Software Development, Architecture + Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Integration + Analysis, and Compliance Automation solutions.

Check out our Capabilities!
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Compliance Automation
  • Enterprise Scalable IT
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Finance 

The Commercial Side

We don’t just support national security and the Federal Government. Our innovative solutions have been brought to Fortune 500 companies in the Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Financial Services industries. 

Back in the Day

Let’s Start at the Beginning

iNovex was founded by lifelong engineers and leaders to be different than the usual government contractor. That’s why innovation is at our core (and in our name). The name iNovex comes from joining 3 words:  

  • (I)nnovation – turning a new concept into success or widespread use. 
  • (No)vo – to change or alter something, to invent. 
  • (Vex)illum – a standard or company.

iNovex’s purpose now is the same as it was at the time of our founding, to be an Innovative Change Company that people want to work for, industry wants to partner with, and customers want to hire to solve their toughest problems.  

iNovex At-A-Glance

We believe in creating a community where everyone has an invitation to innovate

iNovex not only invites everyone to innovate but we encourage creation and imagination. And it doesn’t stop there. We take those ideas all the way through to action. We build comprehensive and intuitive technical government and commercial solutions. At the heart of our office is iNovex Foundry—a purpose-built research lab and open, creative workspaces designed for immersive learning and rapid prototyping.  

  • 100+ Employees on Active Contracts  
  • 20+ DoD Prime Contracts Awarded  
  • 50+ DoD Subcontracts Awarded   
  • 18 R&D Contracts Awarded  
  • 10 Fortune 500 Contracts
  • CMMI Level 3 Enterprise-Wide Processes appraised for SVC + DEV  
  • ISO-9001 Certified Quality Management System