Augmented Data Analytics

So, You’ve Got a Bunch of Data from Different Places, Now What?

Augmented Data Analytics

We dig into your data challenges and priorities with innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to build the right solution – and it starts with creating a bit of structure. Two technologies finding their way into the augmented analytics suite and leading the charge in data management are graph databases and vocabulary managers. Graph databases store data in its raw format while vocabulary managers can produce semantic data models and taxonomies that support data alignment, validity and quality.


Integrate Disparate Data Sources

Come One, Come All

iNovex consolidates your data sources and information together to perform deep discovery and extract key insights.

Augmented & Enhanced Search + Discovery

Apples to Apples

We give structure to unstructured data sets through common taxonomy and vocabulary bringing better integration, search, and exploration to your data fabric.

What is the Value of Your Data?


We create mission-tailored, value-based models to identify and ultimately drive the value of your data in the aggregate.

Our Augmented Data Analytics gets your data into a common vocabulary. This enables distributed teams of domain and mission experts to collaborate, understand, extract insights, and consume their disparate data. This data fabric ultimately helps customers to understand and determine the operational relevance and value of their data.
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