Our Team

Say it with us.


Each one of us is an iNovexer. We come from a lot of different backgrounds and each have our own story to tell but ultimately are a part of a community here at iNovex.

Being Different is by Design

Important Stuff
to Us

Innovation is at our core (and in our name). The name iNovex comes from joining 3 words:

  • (I)nnovation – turning a new concept into success or widespread use.
  • (No)vo – to change or alter something, to invent.
  • (Vex)illum – a standard or company.

iNovex’s purpose now is the same as it was at the time of our founding, to be an Innovative Change Company that people want to work for, industry wants to partner with, and customers want to hire to solve their toughest problems.

In a Word – awesome.

What’s it like to Work Here?

We believe that having a great place to work is having great people to work with. Having great people to work with and a great culture rooted in those people is the difference between having just a viable place to work and having a vibrant one. Whether it’s a happy hour, trivia contest, rum tasting, cookout, or concert – we have fun together (on purpose).