{ Mar 29, 2021

iNovex a Successful Offeror for DIA SITE III IDIQ Contract

We are pleased to share that iNovex has been awarded a prime contract on the DIA Solutions Information Technology Enterprise (SITE) III IDIQ contract vehicle. DIA SITE III is a $12.6 billion multi-award IT services contract “to support warfighters, policymakers, and acquisition leaders across the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE) by achieving an Information and Communications Technology advantage” as stated in the original Request for Proposal (RFP).

iNovex COO Matt Ford explains the significance of the win. “Coming on the heels of our OASIS Pool 3 award, this $12B IDIQ positions iNovex to continue diversifying our portfolio and strengthening our core capabilities. This award enables iNovex to execute its growth strategy by providing strategic, technical, and program management guidance and support services to sustain and modernize the DIA’s infrastructure, systems, and applications.”

The work that will come out under SITE III ranges across different IT areas including software development and engineering, cybersecurity, networking, and enterprise computing services. iNovex will pursue task orders across this full DIA SITE III services spectrum. DIA SITE III gives us the opportunity to leverage our deep technical capabilities and work with our long-standing industry partners and teammates in new ways and form teams that deliver technical solutions focused on mission.

“iNovex is absolutely thrilled to bring our mission-first approach and innovation mindset to the DIA SITE III body of work,” said iNovex Chief Operating Officer Matt Ford. “The mission of the DIA is to bring military intelligence to warfighters, defense policymakers and force planners in support of U.S. military planning and operations – and iNovex could not be prouder to support this mission.”

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